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Sheryl Crow

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1. Maybe Angels
2. A Change Would Do You Good
3. Home
4. Sweet Rosalyn
5. If It Makes You Happy
6. Redemption Day
7. Hard To Make A Stand
8. Everyday Is A Winding Road
9. Love Is A Good Thing
10. Oh Marie
11. Superstar
12. The Book
13. Ordinary Morning

About Album

Sheryl shattered any thoughts of a sophomore curse with her multi-platinum self-titled, self-produced 2nd album. “Sheryl Crow” features several international hits including “If It Makes You Happy” and “Every Day Is A Winding Road”, and is her first in-depth collaboration with songwriting partner Jeff Trott. Other standout tracks include “A Change Would Do You Good”, “Redemption Day”, “Maybe Angels”, “Sweet Rosalyn”, and “Home”. The album also landed Sheryl two more Grammy Awards in 1997, for Best Rock Album and Best Female Rock Vocal Performance.